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We've Moved (But Not Very Far!)

The six years since we started Claritas have gone very quickly. I was previously a part- owner of a financial advice firm in Stoke on Trent until I had the epiphany that I didn’t really want to commute from Heaton Moor anymore – 19 years was long enough! We started the new business with 90 client households that I was able to bring across from my old firm: we’ve now grown to over 170 client households and seven staff (soon to be eight). As a result, we’ve outgrown our existing premises above John Mellor Estate Agents, so we have now moved into the first and second floors above Julian Wadden Property Management on Moorside Road. There must be something about us and estate agents! The new office gives us twice as much space and multiple meeting rooms to cater for the three advisers that we now have in the business.We’re still looking to grow steadily, one client at a time, with the focus being on The Heatons – a ‘local firm for local people’!

We’ve also changed our name from Claritas Wealth Management to Claritas Wealth.

Not exactly a radical change you might say but we felt that ‘wealth management’ sounds like it’s all all about the money when it really isn’t. It’s about much more than that. When we ask people what ‘wealth’ means to them, maybe the first answer does relate to money. We all need to feel that we have enough money to live the life that we want. If we dig a bit deeper though, true wealth can mean having freedom over how you spend your time, control over what kind of work you do, time to see family and friends, time for hobbies and other passions etc. Everyone is different.We think that ‘wealth management’ sounds like we just manage an investment portfolio, but it’s just a part of what we do. More than that, we spend time with our clients to find out what is important to them and what they want to do with the rest of their lives. It’s all about trying to make sure that there Tim Walsham talks about some changes at Claritas Wealth.are no regrets in later life about not doing the things that you wanted to do. You can have all the money in the world, but we feel that life is about experiences and memories.