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Taking Action - A Gentle Nudge In The Right Direction

we all have certain jobs and tasks that we just never seem to get around to. Life can be hectic and it’s hard to get everything done. In the past I’ve used business consultants in order to help me through certain issues and transitions within my business. We had a quarterly check-in and, if we got to a week or two before the meeting and I still had actions outstanding, there was a flurry of activity and everything got done. It was this accountability (and the fact that, if we didn’t do this, it was pointless paying the consultant’s fee) that would kickstart me into action. Here at Claritas we hold half-yearly planning meetings with our clients and as a result there are always actions and tasks to be done – some for Claritas and some for the client. One of the major areas where we add value for our clients is to gently hold them to account in relation to the various tasks that we agreed they’d action. From experience, we’ve learned that if we don’t send gentle reminders then the likely outcome is that when we get to the next half yearly meeting, some, or all, of the client’s actions haven’t been carried out. Our job is to provide advice but also (in a gentle and friendly way) to ensure that action is taken. Advice without action is pointless.

Some of the tasks are, admittedly, fairly boring financial matters. For example

rearrangement of cash deposit accounts to improve interest rates.
saving a certain amount of surplus income.
speaking to your solicitor about your wills and/or powers of attorney etc.

Others will be a bit more pleasurable. For example

gifting money to the children/grandchildren as we’ve shown you that it is affordable.
booking an extra holiday or two as we’ve shown you that you have more than enough money to do so.
not holding back in certain other areas of your spending (we do have to encourage many of our clients to spend!).

Spending more money than you’re used to can be difficult and many of our clients do need a gentle nudge. The good habits and prudence that got you into such a good financial position don’t help you when it is time to spend. Old habits die hard but what is the money there for? Some people actually want to be badgered on a regular basis – they tell us that they know that otherwise nothing will get done. Others prefer to be left alone and only reminded once in a while. We will do whatever suits you best in order to keep you financially organised and on track.