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Money Worries? (On Top Of Everything Else)

On a variety of different levels, we’ve probably all thought about our relationship with money over the past few weeks. We know that there must be lots of people in The Heatons who are worried about their investments and we would like to help. Discretionary spending is reduced to virtually zero and we’ve realised that it is possible to live without spending very much money at all. Having said that, it will be great to get back to some kind of normal at some stage. Worries about the health of friends and family obviously dwarf any concerns about money and without our health, money doesn’t seem very important at all. However, we’re assuming that there will be lots of people in The Heatons who have invested capital and are worried about the implications of the recent stock market falls. In actual fact, in historical terms (at time of writing) the current stock market downturn isn’t a major one, but the speed of the decline was unusual and somewhat unnerving. There is always the possibility of a further fall, especially if we get a second wave of the virus. Over recent weeks, we’ve stepped up communication with our clients to provide them with some reassurance and peace of mind. We’d already made sure that nobody is taking any more risk than they can tolerate and, as a result, all of our clients have been prepared to sit tight and stay invested. We’re sticking with our mantra that all downturns will be temporary. We’d now like to help more people than just our existing clients.

Chat about your investments – Free of Charge

If you’re worried about your investments (whether personal investments or workplace pensions), we’d be happy to have a chat, either by telephone or Zoom, to give you some guidance. If you can provide us with some information regarding your investments and/or pensions we’ll talk you through the current level of risk you are taking and help you to understand what you have. We’ll give you some information about investing in general and how you can expect your investments to behave in the event of another downturn – and in the long run. We can chat through your existing circumstances and whether it feels like your investments are structured in the right way. You might be already receiving some advice but just want a second opinion. No problem at all.

We’re a local firm and we’d like to give something back to the community. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want any financial planning advice or to become a client of Claritas. We’d just like to help – and there’ll be no charge for this discussion.